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Key Benefits of SparcPay

Paper cheques are costly, time-consuming and inconvenient. With the SparcPay app you can review, approve and pay bills from a mobile phone or laptop and save money with every transaction. Good for your bottom line and for the environment too!

How SparcPay works with QuickBooks

SparcPay loads open bills and supplier credits from QuickBooks, as well as related vendor information and company information. This information is used to present bills for approvals and payments for release. Once a payment is processed successfully, the bill payment is posted in QuickBooks and applied to the corresponding bills.


Payments and approvals can be time consuming, expensive, and labour intensive. SparcPay allows your business to expedite the payments processes with an easy approval and payment experience. No more cheques, e-transfers, manual payments, and paperwork. With SparcPay, pay all your vendors with a click of a button. SparcPay allows you to digitally approve payments in seconds. Using our mobile-friendly platform, you can approve and pay bills from your office, on the go, or even from the beach. Paying with SparcPay is less expensive, more convenient, more secure and more environmentally friendly than cutting a cheque.


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Typical Pricing

$1per transaction posted
  • Free to Review and Approve Bills
  • Fast, Tracable Payments
  • Unlimited User Approvers
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • No Setup Fees For Common Accounting Systems